Engineering And Procurement

Swara Controls Inc. Designs, Specify and Procure All Instrumentation and Electrical products for control systems. Systems range from single loop, stand-alone to multi loop/computerized using PLC’s and SCADA with operator interface.

We also provide complete documentation and do specific training.

Systems Integration

Swara Controls Inc. will integrate your systems in the most effective and efficient manner. Instrumentation, Electrical and all other control devices are integrated as a system. Our technical staff will coordinate all aspects of the project to ensure its integration.

We program PLC’s, SCADA systems and Operator interfaces, design and build control panels, and provide Engineering Drawings.

Turn Key Projects

As system designer, we provide a turnkey package from process design to installation and commissioning. We manage the project which eliminates all problems associated with coordinating trades, meeting deadlines and inefficient scheduling.

We ensure that all installations are done according to approved standards and practices. The results are more efficient use of resources, which lead to smooth and successful projects.

Commissioning and Start Up

Qualified personnel will check the entire system for correctness of wiring and verify calibrations. This ensures a smooth start up. Having qualified instrumentation and controls personnel perform Commissioning and Start Up, will eliminate problems usually encountered during this final and often most pressured and important stage of any project. Our highly experienced technical staff will come to your plant and complete the start up process for a smooth handover

Certified Calibration

Swara Controls Inc. offers the convenience of on-site calibration services. We have a team of calibration professionals that will travel to your site and preform multi-disciplined calibration services. This service minimizes downtime, eliminates possible transport damage, and saves you money.

Our on-site calibration team can be scheduled at your convenience, and our service coordinator handles the entire on-site calibration service process.

  • Eliminates instrument down time and the need for spares
  • Eliminates damaged and lost shipments
  • Minimal interruptions to your manufacturing process
  • Easy retrieval if you need your instrument in an emergency
  • You can have all of your calibration services done in one visit
  • Our calibration technicians are available to answer your questions immediately
  • No shipping costs or delays

Installation And Electrical Services

Swara Controls Inc. ensures proper installation of instrument, electrical and control equipment. We maintain a staff of qualified electrical personnel with many years of experience in industrial control systems, power distribution and installation.

All Installations is done as per industry guidelines

Custom Control Panels and Systems

We design and build control panels. Wiring and components are selected to meet the Industry specifications. Industry standard are used in creating documentation / drawings. We ensure all panels are built to meet consistently high quality.

All panels built are tested before leaving our facility. Control panels include process control and electrical panels.