Below is a listing of some of our projects. Please also check the projects gallery for project pictures.

Industry : Food Processing

Project : Clean Steam Generator (Using Electrical Heaters)

PLC based control system to generate clean steam using 108 KW heaters. Control system programmed to fire SCR to control heating to the boiler and feed tank temperature control. HMI integrated to give operator visibility and data acquisition. The load on heaters at full load is 180A at 600VAC.

Industry : Food & Beverage
Project : Conveyor Control for transport of Cases

PLC based control system to transport cases from filler to palletizer. Zone control conveyor connected in series to provide automation. Multiple conveyor lines connected to common palletizer. Palletizer controls integrated with conveyor controls using multiple lines to provide optimum control. HMI integrated for Data Acquisition and alarming.

Industry : Dairy Processing

Project : Boiler Sequencing and auxiliary control

PLC based control system to automate sequencing and pressure control. Lead – Lag control implemented to provide tight pressure control and optimum utilization of boilers. Control system integrated to provide PRDS control and auxiliary control like feed tank, transfer pumps, feed pumps, feedtank pressure control. HMI integrated for process visualization and data acquisition. Advanced logic incorporated for calculating efficiency and provide relevant information as reports.

Manufacturing facility
Project : Water Supply Control System

PLC based control system to provide conditioned hot and cold water at required pressure and temperature at various lab facilities. The control takes city water and uses chiller / boiler / heat exchanger to conditioned water to required specs as set from HMI. Advanced controls are incorporated to provide temperature ramping and different pressure curves for testing product under various conditions. Temperature control capable of generating conditioned water from 12 °C to 75 °C at pressure from 10 to 100 Psi.

Industry : Food & Beverage

Project : Palletizing of cases

PLC based control system to palletize cases as per pattern selected from HMI. Various recipes built into HMI for different patterns. Easy operator access to select various pattern and run the palletizer. Advanced control and logic built into HMI to correct missed cases or damaged cases and continue palletizing. Alarms built into HMI for easy troubleshooting

Industry : Waste & Waste

Project : Effluent control

PLC based control system to separate solids from waste discharge using filterbed and chemical treatment to reduce BOD. Waste collected and discharged to trucks. Controls helps reduce BOD and COD surcharges helping companies reduce overall waste discharge costs

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Project : Water treatment

PLC based control system to soften and treat incoming water for processing areas. Fully automatic control system with HMI operator interface

Industry : Petrochemical

Project : Loading dock ship fuel blending system

SCADA system integrated to fuel ship using loading system. Various blending recipes built into SCADA system. SCADA providing easy operator access and selection of various blending recipes. SCADA system integrated to Daniel petrocount for measurement and control. Report generation built into SCADA. Ticket generated at the end of each blend.

Industry : Chemical

Project : Domestic hot water control

PLC based control system to provide uninterrupted domestic hot water to the facility. System comprise of heat exchangers, valves, mixing station and temperature control built into the PLC. Operator Interface, Trending and alarm function provided via HMI

Industry : Food Processing

Project : Case Cleaner Control

PLC based control system to provide cleaning of cases with high pressure pumps. Fully automatic system to sense incoming of cases and operating rinse and high pressure pumps to clean them. Safety and pressure interlock built into the system.